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Panama City Probation Violation Lawyer

A Vigorous Defense Can Preserve Your Freedom

A conviction for a violation of probation charge can mean an end to your liberty, additional fines, or a more restrictive probation structure. To protect your freedom and your rights, hire a veteran Panama City criminal defense lawyer like Karl Trucks. With more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense, our firm is well prepared to help you handle your probation violation.

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What Is a Probation Violation?

Some of the common charges that can lead to a violation of probation are:

  • Being arrested for a new crime, even if charges are not filed
  • Failing an alcohol or drug test
  • Being in possession of a weapon or illegal substances
  • Failing to complete a court-ordered program
  • Failing to pay a court-ordered fine or restitution
  • Failing to stay employed or in school
  • Moving residence or leaving the state without authorization from a probation officer

Consequences of a Probation Violation Conviction

Life happens, and things don’t always work out the way we want them to. That doesn’t mean you have to plead guilty or accept a probation violation conviction.

If the court does convict you, you can face jail time, additional fees, stricter supervision, drug and alcohol counseling, home detention, and more. Our Panama City criminal defense lawyer wants to help you protect your rights and your freedom. Let us mount a vigorous defense on your behalf.

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