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Defense for Spring Break Offenses in Panama City

A Strong Legal Defense For College Students

You came to Florida to have fun on spring break, like thousands of other students. Unfortunately, your fun time turned into a nightmare when you were arrested.

If you’ve never been in the legal system before, being arrested can be embarrassing, confusing, and terrifying. You may wonder what will happen to your place in school, what your parents will think, and whether you’ll be able to get through this and get back to normal life.

Whether the charge is minor or severe, a criminal record can impact the choices you have about school and work in the future. Let an experienced Panama City criminal defense attorney help get you back on the right road.

Karl Trucks has the experience you need to navigate the legal system. Contact us at (850) 230-5550 today.

Why You Should Choose Our Firm

You’re not the first person to get into trouble on spring break, and even though you may be frustrated and afraid, you’re not alone.

Choose Karl Trucks to be in your corner. We bring you:

  • 20 years of experience in criminal defense cases
  • Awards ranging from Best of the Bay to the United States Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell Medal for Excellence in Advocacy
  • The ability to guide you through the legal system discreetly and confidentially

What to Do After an Arrest

Don’t discuss your case or your circumstances with anyone but your Panama City criminal defense attorney. You could say something that ends up being used against you in court. Be honest with yourself and your lawyer, and don’t panic. You will get through this.

To let us help you, contact us at (850) 230-5550 for a free consultation today.